Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a reading done?

You can connect with Shraddhavia her Angel Page on Facebook orvia her Email-for a one to one session / Appointment. Email is listed on her home page on her website and facebook page as well, once u shoot her an email, she will revert back with the rest of her details. Example- Go to book an appointment icon & you shall get a form to fill.

Why do we pray to Angels? Aren't we supposed to pray to God?

Angels are messengers of God; they don't want to be worshiped. They are there to offer help & guidance. Angels just want us to communicate with them. They are a Gift to us from the Lord, so we don't pray to Angels, All we need to do is ask and they are more then happy to offer assistance. So you can call upon them anytime of the day, be rest assured you have been heard!

Do you need to be a "Christian" to communicate with Angels?

There is no Disparity when it comes to the Angels. Every body is one! We all can work and communicate with the Angels. You don't have to be of a specific "religion" to take their guidance. They are non –judgmental. Like God is one for all! Angels are for everyone, no cast, creed or particular community! They love us, no matter what.

How do I know which Angels to work with? & How will this benefit me?

You can work with all the Angels; there is no fixed rule. But yes, All Angels have a specific characteristic, colour, Aura & Crystal. For instance, you have an Angel for Love, Angel for work, Angel for finding a lost object, Angel for healing etc. so you can establish a connection by communicating with that particular Archangel to help solve your problem & guide you! It's a beautiful and friendly connection that you make with them once you reach out for their assistance. Don't hesitate, just ask

This will benefit you if you let it. Though angels are non – judgmental, non –denominational. Angels respond to people who are receptive and open to their energies,vibrations, guidance and love. They never force themselves on anyone or for that matter,their belief. If you have faith and you ask and converse with them, they will be more then happy to help you.If you put a barricade around you, then forget Angels not even God can penetrate through that. Just be open to them if you want this to work for you in any way!

I would want to attend a workshop on Angel healing and other topics related to Angels, how could I go about it?

There is a section on her Website, Which says " Workshops/seminars"; all the details will be updated on it from time to time regarding the workshops shraddha will be holding with time/Charges & Venue.

What are Oracle Cards? &How do they help?

Shraddha Only works with Angel Oracle Decks and cards. There are no frightening cards in the deck as angels and heavenly beings always speak from a place of love. Oracles are an easy way to communicate with your Angelic, Elemental and Ascended Masters Realm. Oracle cards are a divine way through which Angels communicate with us, they consist of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and Unicorns etc.

What does it mean when I see a specific a Sign, number and Colour or sometimes repetitive or sequential faces or objects?

When you see all off the above, it simply means that Angels are communicating with you; everything you see, hear, feel or think is a sign towards something! You could pick up Dr.Doreen Virtue's books Angels 101, Healing with the Angels and Angel numbers for reference. Example- you see 111 – meaning the angels are with you, or you see the Colour Turquoise, that's the Aura colour of Archangel Sandalphon (angel of Music & arts) is with you and guiding you towards something! So yes everything has a meaning in your life!:) Seeing something more then 3 times is a confirmation that you are being guided, so take it as a definite sign.