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Angel Therapy Talking (Angel Healing Counseling)

This isone of the many great techniques to work with when it comes to her clients. Angel counseling as shraddha describes is – " I listen to my clients and their problems, by invoking the different and beautiful angels & arch angels I work with, each angel having a different characteristic and functionality, I help transfer messages and give remedies to them. Helping my loved ones get in touch with their higher self, building confidence, self-esteem, eradicating fear, facing challenges, relationship issues, health factors and many such earthly problems."

She believes it's a teamwork, which involves the Angels, her clients & herself. Universe is vast,you should be rest assured that you have been heard and you shall be reciprocated in one way or another.

Angels work with & through Vibrations,Music,energy's, sound, light, colors & signs and much more. Basically they are all around us but on a different vibration mode then ours. It's like tuning into a radio frequency.

Shraddha helps her clients understand and communicate with the Angels and Love Angel Prays.

Her sessions can take up to an hour or more depending upon what the client needs and desires.

She says – " I feel happy and honored to have become a channel of love and communication of the Angels for my loved ones, family, friends &clients. Its really touching and amazing to have been chosen by them for such a noble and good cause in life which just gives me happiness and joy."

Angel Healers are also termed as "Light workers"- dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self and others. This being is called a light worker and is an evolutionary step toward a state of "Light Being".