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Angel Oracle Reading

Shraddha deciphers Angel Messages through her Angel oracle Cards. She Channels their messages through her higher self in conjunction with the body, mind & soul.

It is a very deep and soulful way of connecting with them, for her clients,in helping them in every way she can.

Oracles are beautiful angel Cards, with a detailed description of different angels, arch angels, Unicorns,Mermaids, fairies with divine messages under each one of them helping understand & interpret Messages, signs and other such guidance.

All her readings can take up to 45 minutes or more.

She believes in spending ample amount of time and energy into her readings with her clients. It's a heavenly experience that one goes through and with a sincere heart, true spirit and faith, there is nothing that cannot be answered.

This session is as important for her as it is for her clients and she wants them to have a Deep Soulful connection.

" To my loved ones, when you walk in, leave all your fears & worries aside, just go with the flow of energy and love that resides within you, leave it all to the Angels to take care of, believe in yourself, believe in them, believe that you are here for a reason & let the gifts of the divine unfold before you."

Angel Love & Light