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Angel Meditations

"We begin by taking in a very deep breath and inhaling all the good energy from the angels and on exhale, letting go of anything that could be stressing or bothering us."

Just letting it go. (Exhale)

And as we continue to breathe in and out very deeply, we call upon your guardian angels and the archangels to make their presence known.

And perhaps you can feel them around your shoulders, your head, your heart, or other parts of your body, feeling them as a tingling or warmth or just a feeling generally of safety and peace.

And even if you can't exactly feel them right at this moment, know that they are with you and ready and willing to help you with whatever will bring you peace. So if you think of a question that you have for the angels or any requests for their help, and just take a moment and mentally ask this of your angel, now.



And now we let the Angels take care of your question & help deliver the response in their own ways.

We let go of any worries about how your prayer will be answered and we trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine infinite mind of God, who gives all messages to you and from you through these beautiful, glorious angels.

We ask the angels to surround you with extra insulation of protective love, helping you all throughout the day to have glorious experiences, wonderful new experiences and opportunities, and just feel the peace of God within your heart and your mind, today.