About Shraddha

Shraddha Nefressica Talwar as she calls herself, comes from a highly spiritual, broadminded yet conservative family background. A Certified Angel Practitioner (A.C.P) from Dublin Ireland, she has been trained under the known and famous Angel Healer/Therapist Charles Virtue son of Dr. Doreen Virtue, Angel Healer, Metaphysician & Therapist, Author of many Best sellers around the world such as (Angels 101, Angel Therapy, Crystal Therapy & Oracle Decks etc)and the founder of Angel Healing. She is grateful for having met Charles and having the privilege of being trained under him. The knowledge of angels has vastly come to her from extensive reading of books & her own personal Experiences in life that have made her believe in the existence and epitome of Angels. She strongly believes in them & hopes to spread the Love, Light & awareness of Angels in and around the world.

Her tryst with Angels came as quite a surprise to her. Before she got involved them shraddha was always on the move when it came to her career and work. She has multitasked ever since she left high school. Started off as an interior designer working with a firm, she moved to Modeling & then traveled &lived in New York City to study Acting for film. Even during these phases of her life she was always in touch with her spiritual side, not realizing that her real goal & motive in Life was to work with the angels. Miraculous experiences happened one after the other that made her to think and ponder on her mission in life. She still ignored her inner voice and decided on doing Fashion Business from Milan Italy. This was the final Take on her Career path for the long journey that she had witnessed.

This was the real deal when something within her kept churning & her soul got struck by a bolt of white light that made shraddha realize that she had to serve her loved ones and guide them through life with the help of Angels. Her forte is now to spread their love, guidance and awareness.

She believes that the real contentment comes from the soul, and not looking outside for your happiness but within. "When your soul craves something it doesn't resonate with, that is when you get distracted, lost & confused. So looking and exploring deep down as to what gives you joy should be the only thing."

Shraddha besides being a trained Angel Practitioner is also a Certified Reiki Healer, although her forte and passion is Angel Healing.

Having traveled extensively she even attended the worldwide healers conference in Las Vegas where in she interacted with Known Authors like Michael J Tamura Author of the bestseller (you are the Answer) & Dr.Walter Simkew author of many best sellers around the world such as (Born Again, Origin of the Soul & the purpose of Reincarnation) Psychics, Healers, Psychiatrists & spirit mediums. They have indeed been a great inspiration & motivation for her.

" Angels are always with us & around us, they are the messengers of God. They are a gift to us from the creator. They are non-judgmental beings that are here on earth to build peace, love & happiness. I strongly believe this is possible with their support & guidance along with our faith."